Mass Path/Smearlagh Way

 Lyreacrompane lies in the Stacks Mountain range of North Kerry; it is centrally located between Castleisland, Listowel, Abbeyfeale and Tralee. The river Smearlagh rises between Broughane and Knights Mountain flows down by Dromadda where you can jump across it and find its first swimming place at the rocky Hole below the Knocknagoshel road.

Gathering speed it changes direction as it passes by our Church on its way to our Community Resource Centre. It mirrors  the countryside, the sky night and day, the flora and Fauna. Ahead of it lies union the Rivers Feale, Gale, Brick and the Atlantic Ocean.  This river water gifts North Kerry houses as powerfully sucked from it flow.

On our walk you will find Five Stones, with inscriptions, these five inscriptions are in memory of John O’Donoghue (1956-2008), to recall the priest, poet who had planned the Munster Launch of his book “Benedictus” at Lyreacrompane Community Centre in 2008,”For Eternity is Pure Presence”.

Inscriptions are

  1.          When one flower  blooms, Spring awakens everywhere.
  2.          The greatest treasure is a contented heart
  3.   FLUENT                                                                                                                        I would love to live                                                                                                Like  a river flows,                                                                                            Carried by the surprise                                                                                              Of  its own unfolding.
  4.  Prayer is the ground of eternity.
  5.      Alone with none but thee my God I journey on my way                                 Stay quietly in this space and feel the peace of inner life.







I fell immediately in love with this strange and wonderful countryside with the      character, colour and language of its people and its numerous dancing streams.      The unbound freedom of hills and glens amounted to sheer paradise. The Stacks      have magic all of there own, where the green pastures and meadows merge into boglands. The dominating colour is brown, but ever and always it is a brown that is warm and comforting.

John B. Keane